About Us

CalnCy&co. is named after identical twin baby girls Cali & Cylee born 18 minutes apart weighing 2Ib 15oz. each . Cali and Cylee were born two months early to a young mother, Cylee later passed 10 days after birth but she is not forgotten. She is living through her sister Cali and watching over her everyday. I was inspired to follow my dream of selling quality hair and being the fashion designer I've wanted to be and Every percentage of an order will be donated to The Cylee Hopkins Foundation which will be rewarded to an high school graduate that's pursuing the Pediatric Field or trying to be an NICU Nurse in college.

About our logo:

our logo was created by me, using pictures of Cali and Cylee's foot prints and handprints from their birth date. Each one of their C's is pictures of their own personal hand prints or footprints. Since this business is named after them I made sure to make sure everything has pictures and a piece of them for every customer to have.

 So I present to you CalnCy&co. <3 Sep.8th 2015 <3